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Ting Tong Wooden games puzzle handcrafted for wholesale

Ting Tong wooden games, puzzle games and wooden puzzles for wholesale in Europe

Ting Tong Wooden Games, puzzle and brain teaser puzzles handcrafted of natural wood for wholesale

We manufacture unique puzzle games, board games, strategy games, dice games, puzzle tasks, IQ tests and wooden puzzles by hand, for wholesalers but also for sale to customers. Here you can place your order ...

Ting Tong now also, for Europe, in Germany

We are Ting Tong Wooden Games and have been producing puzzle and brain teaser puzzles handcrafted of natural wood for wholesale over 24 years and have customers in both wholesale and retail all over the world. Our factory is located in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai, and we are one of the most popular manufacturers of wooden games, brain teasers, puzzle games, IQ tests and wooden puzzles. Ting Tong wooden games are now also available in Germany for Europe with a warehouse and wholesale prices, for toys made of Samanea wood of high quality, handcrafted and delivered with the best puzzle instructions. For Europe, you can now order from our warehouse in Germany if you want it to be quick, or you can order directly from the factory in Thailand and import yourself. No matter how you decide, contact us, we will advise you in 6 languages and give you help for your order in or to Europe.

Ludjamgo the dice game 6 and home in wooden games wholesale Sudoku Color 9x9 made of wood in a beautiful wooden box with colored pens in handcraft for wholesalersSternhalma as a board game made of wood with colored game pieces handmade for the wooden games wholesaler in Europe

We are world renowned for making high quality board games, travel games, puzzle games and puzzles made from wood. Our customer base ranges from industry, the education sector, shops on all European Christmas markets, retail and resellers, to travel companies and gastronomy, to large advertising agencies. Not only our approx. 450 companies and customers need customized puzzles with logos for corporate marketing and team building games. What they all have in common is the demand for high-quality, individual puzzles at low prices and short processing times in the highest quality and elegant design. You can find wooden puzzles in 3D, laying puzzles like Tangram, interlock puzzles like the devil's knot and pack puzzles like the many Pentomino puzzles in the more than 520 articles from our own production.

Tangram puzzle with template cards a wooden puzzle for children and adults as a 2D puzzle in a wooden boxTricky wooden trick puzzle boxes for small gifts and to give away moneySnake Cube Snake cube at Ting Tong wooden games in the level box with 6 different cube snakes to puzzle over

Easy box the children's puzzle made of wood with only 6 pieces puzzle game golf game puzzle wholesalePacking puzzle and riddle task 4 T puzzle box made of wood Ting Tong wooden gamesInterlock Puzzle Cube Karo the Fonzo cube with many parts IQ Test made of wood Ting Tong wooden games wholesale

We produce 3D and 2D wooden puzzles, interlock puzzles, IQ games as a wooden version, puzzles and IQ tests. Mechanical wooden puzzles and brain teasers in many types and designs, all handcrafted from natural Samanea wood, make great gifts for adults and children of all ages. We have some beautiful handcrafted wood products in our online shop, it will open soon for our customers with retail prices. For our wholesale customers we then have a separate level with wholesale prices directly from the warehouse in Germany. If you want to import yourself, you can order directly from the factory in Thailand. To do this, contact us and we will give you the factory price list in Thai baht. The great variety of our handcrafted products makes the heartbeat of every puzzle fan beat faster! We have approx. 520 different wooden games and wooden puzzles that you can choose from and we will prepare the order on time and ready for dispatch in boxes with a shipping list for Europe-wide shipping. If you already have a shipping partner, you can choose your own shipping partner, or we will give you the full service and complete the delivery from Thailand with our shipping partner, with whom we have been working for 20 years. In Europe itself there are a number of ways to transport the ordered goods.

Ting Tong wooden games and wooden puzzles in the wholesale Tower of Hanoi Pagoda Chadi puzzle gameWooden puzzles and wooden games combine the mastery of the craftsmanship of a clean, sophisticated design with the elegance of Samanea wood. We have over 24 years of experience and believe in exceptional craftsmanship, high quality materials, timeless designs and bespoke work. We can proudly point out the creative ambitions of our craftsmen and show our commitment to excellence and quality as well as our creativity for development. If you want to register, tell us your user name and send us a company identification and your tax number and sales tax ID. We give you access to our wholesale level and you can order all of our wooden games and puzzles directly on our website at wholesale prices. If you want our catalog, you can download the Excel file here, with all purchase prices net and retail prices gross as well as all dimensions and weights:

Download the Ting Tong Order List for Europe with wholesale prices in eurosIf you are a small business owner, museum, store, or aspiring entrepreneur interested in selling our wooden games and wooden puzzles, please contact us for information on wholesale. We support companies of all sizes in promoting sales. We can engrave most of our wooden games and wooden puzzles with your logo or message at a very affordable price. All rules of the game for each game as well as all puzzle resolutions for each individual puzzle are in color in one of the best quality solutions for wooden puzzles and each article will receive an extra EAN bar code for Europe in 2021, which you can use in your cash register system can be used for scanning.

Now have fun browsing and have fun in our community. Post all photos in which you can be seen with puzzles or games in your profile. Show in which store you sell our articles and where customers can find you in your area by using your profile as advertising for your sale.

A highlight is, and has been used by our dealer customers for many years, that all goods ordered from us in Germany and not sold, within one year of the order, e.g. after a Christmas market, can be returned by traders. This makes it easier to try new, unknown games and if they haven't run, which really differs from place to place, you can then return them. We are on Christmas markets all over Europe and it is really never clear what will and will not go in this or that city this year. Please notify us of the goods that you want to return before you want to send them to un, and we will offset the purchase price you have paid, minus 10%, with a new order.

We can also be found on the social network. There you can find more photos and information from our events and trade fairs. If you like, stop by and follow us using the button here.
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So now have fun browsing and if you have any questions, please send us an email.



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