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Ting Tong board games and puzzles made of wood are produced for wholesale and retail

Ting Tong produces wooden games, puzzles and puzzle games made of wood in a unique design for wholesalers.

Ting Tong Wooden Games produces high-quality and unique wooden games, which we produce as board games or as a game box versions in wood. We manufacture puzzle games made of wood in 2D and 3D as well as in many shapes to order for wholesalers, but also for retailers. Puzzle boxes made of wood, puzzles in 2D and 3D, brain teasers, brain teaser puzzles, puzzle tasks of the highest quality and in a unique design, for the whole family.

Ting Tong Wooden Games produces wooden games and wooden puzzles in a classy design for wholesalers

With over 20 years of experience in the production of wooden games and wooden puzzles, which we produce by hand, Ting Wooden Games has become world-famous for the manufacture of high quality products. Our customer base ranges from shops all over the world that sell our puzzle games in retail, industry, the education sector, travel companies and gastronomy, to large advertising agencies that are supplied by us. Not only our 450 customers need customized puzzles with logo for corporate marketing and team building games. What they all have in common is the demand for high-quality, individual puzzles at low prices and a short processing time, in a unique design.

The board games and many of our puzzles delight young and old, who enjoy the noble wooden games and their simple and yet so unmistakable design. We produce 3D and 2D puzzles made of wood, puzzle games, interlock puzzles, knot puzzles like the devil's knot and dice games as well as strategy games as board games and wooden play boxes. Mechanical and tricky wooden puzzles of many types and designs, all handcrafted from natural Samanea wood. Games and wooden puzzles from Ting Tong Wooden Games are great gift ideas for adults and children of all ages. We now have our beautiful handcrafted wood products online in our new online shop, which has just been redesigned. The great variety of our handcrafted wooden products will make every puzzle fan's heart beat faster and faster! Choose from over 500 articles, games and puzzles in new categories:

Ting Tong wooden game products in various categoriesWooden games and wooden puzzles all new information at Ting Tong GamesTing Tong Wooden Games Puzzle Community

Wooden puzzles and wooden games combined with the mastery of the craftsmanship of clean, sophisticated styling with the elegance of the Monkey Pod or Samanea wood. We have over 20 years of experience and have since held our belief in exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, timeless designs and tailor-made work. We can proudly refer to the creative ambitions of our craftsmen and show our own commitment to excellence and quality, as well as our creativity for developments. We produce with Samanea wood, another name is rain tree wood, Kayu, Suwar (or Suar), a form of mahogany, which is of a much higher quality, to produce games from wood to above all millimeter-accurate puzzles. Here you will find all products, currently more than 500 wooden games and puzzles made of wood of the highest quality and design, to be ordered wholesalers for your company or in retail shops for you as a fan of our games and puzzles.

Tock Tock Dog board game made of wood for 4 playersLudjamgo 6 and home dice game for 4 playersShut the box clapboard fun dice game with friends

So choose whether you want to pay insured with PayPal or by instant transfer or credit card. Or rather uninsured with prepayment or cash on delivery. Orders are possible from an order value of 20.00 € and from an order of 51.00 €, free of shipping costs in Germany.

 Wooden puzzles and wooden games are always a special gift with a claim and a noble design, which are very popular and challenge a creative spirit. We are one of the most popular manufacturers for these wooden puzzles and wooden games, which we handcraft and naturally process for you, which are difficult to find elsewhere. With over 500 different wooden puzzles and wooden games, we are broadly positioned and offer a large selection of popular and, above all, many new puzzles and games, as well as games and puzzles made from wood. Convince yourself and take a look around our wooden products and decide on the ones that seem most suitable to you to try them out. We offer our wooden games and wooden puzzles in retail, i.e. directly to the customer, but above all in wholesale, for resale directly from the factory, from our own production. We have a new picture gallery and videos with instructions will follow. Some new extras and we still have all the solutions for the wooden puzzles, as well as instructions for the wooden games, online for you here. A community will bring you fans and friends of even closer together and enable users to exchange ideas with each other, so if you haven't finished your puzzle, you shouldn't have to have Eucgh treated and you may have to figure out the solution yourself. With a 30-day right of return and encryption, you are safe on the move in our shop.

Have fun, your Ting Tong team



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