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P-008 Crazy 4 puzzle solution to the traffic light game with colored cubes

Solution for the traffic light game Crazy 4 puzzle game with 4 colored dice in wooden boxCrazy 4 the traffic light for children and adults Color Sudoku color match Wooden puzzle

Four wooden cubes with colored dots, similar to a traffic light, should be sorted like this again ...


crazy four dice codes in all sides of the wooden dices for traffic light puzzle

each color is displayed only once per side of the wooden box. Now believe all 4 dice that can not be so hard ...... but YES it's damn hard. Because the 4 dice have different color points in a different division and as the problem begins. Which wooden cube of the Crazy 4 game must be used in which position in the beautiful Samanea wooden box so that each side of the traffic light game shows each color only once. Each cube has its own color coding and is thus not identical. Look at the individual cubes and their color points in the graphic.

Puzzle solution of the Crazy 4 traffic light puzzle of wood in the Puzzlevariante 1 with 4 colors per side

Through the color code, each dice has exactly one position and also all dice to each other a position, which actually on each side of the play box, each color only occurs once. The order, the colored wooden cubes, does not matter, but the alignment of the individual cubes already. Try to solve with children, the Crazy 4 traffic light, first only on one side. Start with a color one page, depending on the age of the child. There is the possibility to paint on 3 sides of the wooden box one color each. But on all 4 sides at the same time in each case a color can not be solved with these wooden cubes. Only 3 pages with one color will be possible. The actual puzzles are supposed to be on each side to get different colors. Here is the solution to the first puzzle of the Crazy 4 wooden game. Each color is per page only once, as with a Sudoku. Just try it out yourself, it really works.


Puzzle solution of the Crazy 4 traffic light puzzle of wood in the Puzzlevariante 2 with 4 colors on the top and each different colors on the sides

Due to the color different dice, in the arrangement of the colors are also two more puzzles possible and also very difficult. In the puzzle 2 the cubes have to be arranged so that the color does not appear twice per page, so each page also shows different colors. But now the cubes are no longer laid together, but together as a square. On the top, on the 4 wooden cubes, 4 different colors and on the 4 sides may only be different colors. This is very difficult because we find very many yellow points on the dice, which must be hidden. This puzzle can be played on the table or a surface. Here is the solution to the puzzle 2 on the left:

Puzzle solution of the Crazy 4 traffic light puzzle of wood in the Puzzlevariante 3 with 4 colors on the top and the same color on the sides

In Puzzle 3, see the following figure, the dice are also placed square on the table or a surface. But now we are looking for the solution to show the above all 4 dice different colors and the sides each 2 same colors. the dice must be set up so that each side shows a color but can be seen on all 4 sides, all four colors on the pages ... and above all just 4 different colors. The Crazy Four traffic lights game is one of the most difficult color puzzle but still children very popular, as there are only 4 parts and with colors that children know so made. Children themselves aged 4 or 5 can play with the Crazy 4 and learn things to arrange and also learn to combine things. It is sometimes amazing how fast a child can come to a solution where the parents are difficult. Here is the solution of the Crazy 4 Puzzle number 3:

If you do not have this game yet, we highly recommend it because it's one of our classics for 20 years. The game you will find here in the Shop follow the button in the shop ....


i like i want to have Crazy 4 Puzzle

If you have lost your instructions, here is another one for printing or downloading on your screen so you can see it in full size:


Now a lot of fun with playing games from us your Knobelholz team.


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