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TTP-192-LGM solution snake cube green medium level box

Solution Snake Cube green wooden puzzle game rubik cube level box

Instructions Snake Cube green solution for snake cube 3x3x3 of the level box

Solution of the green snake cube in the Snake Cube Level Box. Solve the green level and try to make a real 3x3x3 cube from the snake with 27 wooden cubes and then try the next level of the puzzle box. ....

Snake cubes are a popular trend with puzzle and puzzle friends and a lot of fun in math lessons. The brain jogging with our handmade wooden puzzles, made of Samanea wood, keeps the brain going and improves the general ability to abstract and think. Because the brain is one of the few things that doesn't stay fresh and going for a particularly long time if you, the head, use little. It is better to do a little puzzling every day in order to stay safe and sound by playing. With one of our handmade snakecubes, puzzling and puzzling is really fun and meaningful entertainment. The Snake Cube Level Box with the 6 different heavy snake cubes, each in 6 different colors and each with 6 different solutions, is a very good combination of light and heavy wooden puzzles in this puzzle collection. The 6 snake cubes come in an attractive handmade box made of Samanea wood. All snake cubes that have been handcrafted from wood have the same goal, to get the original 3x3x3 Snake Cube from 27 small cubes, as a snake, by turning the individual wooden cubes together.Snake Cube green, the Snake Cube configuration Level Box wooden puzzle collection

All cubes, the Snake Cube Level Box, have a different configuration, which is why they are differently difficult to solve. The green cube in the snake version looks like in the photo on the left. This is a perfect gift for all ages in different levels of difficulty, for children, from the tricky young puzzler to an experienced strategist who can fight his way through all 6 levels of the Snake Cubes!

Open the dice snake and start the puzzle game. First pull the cube apart to form a snake and then try again to form a cube from the snake cube. There are over 1000 possibilities and it is not that easy to find the solution. If you cannot do it on your own, the solution sheet, which was included in the puzzle game as instructions, will help you. If the instructions for the wooden puzzle are not enough, you can find the complete solution here in a better representation. In the following there is the solution how you can bring together a snake cube from the cube snake.

First of all, you should get an overview of which end of the snake cube is the beginning and what is the end of the snake cube. Then look at the second photo and try to match the position of the dice in the dice queue. If everything matches then you can solve the next step of the wooden puzzle. If the Snake Cube cannot be designed like in the photos, you have to take a step back or 2 if necessary to find the solution, the Snake Cube puzzle.

Solution to puzzle Snake Cube green iq test Level Box instructions for the snake cubeSolution Snake Cube green, Snake Cube Level Box instructions wooden puzzle Cube Snake

The snake cubes are certainly not the right occupation for impatient people, but you can learn a lot of patience if you try to solve the puzzle. Guessing foxes and puzzle fans, on the other hand, get their money's worth with the puzzle games. After all, it takes a skillful and systematic approach to solve the respective levels of the puzzle box. The snake cube consists of a chain of 27 individual cubes. The cubes are connected to each other by a rubber band running in the middle. They form different groups of two or three in an arrangement that the photo shows. The aim of the puzzle is to place the chain of dice in such a way that a 3x3x3 cube is created. If you have been able to take the two photos with your Snake Cube then continue with the next 2 photos of the instructions for the Snake Cube of the Level Box.

Instructions Cube Snake, Snake Cube green Level Box solution to the wooden puzzle cube Instructions solution Snake Cube puzzle green Level Box wooden puzzle Ting Tong

Again we are a few steps further with solving the snake cube from the Snake Cube Level Box. You made it all, up to here, and turned the dice snake a little bit into a cube? Then follow the next photos of the instructions for the puzzle to solve the Snake Cube. Here are 2 more steps.

Snake Cube puzzle green the Level Box solution of the cube snake made of Samanea woodInstructions for the Snake Cube puzzle green Level Box puzzle game solution for the wooden puzzle

If everything went as it did on our photos for the solution to the Snake Cube of this level, the Level Box, then it should look like this again. From the 27 small cubes of the snake cube a cube with 3x3x3 wooden cubes was made.

Solution Snake Cube green medium from the Snake Cube Level Box wooden games and puzzle Smanea wood

In the Snake Cube Level Box we have another 5 snake cubes which, pulled apart, show a different arrangement and therefore have to be puzzled together differently. Each puzzle in the Samanea wooden box is of different difficulty and it is a great challenge for everyone to solve the 6 levels of the Snake Cubes.

Snake cube level box from Samanea 6 wooden snake cube wooden puzzle collection wooden box6 Snake Cubes in 6 color with 6 differend solution for each wooden puzzle

I would like to order Snake Cube here in the shopIf you own the entire collection of the 6 levels of the Snake Cube Level Box as a wooden puzzle, then try out all Snake Cubes and try to solve them yourself. If you don't get all the snake cubes puzzled back together to a cube, our instructions and suggested solutions for solving our puzzles are included in every game and puzzle. If the solutions are not enough to solve the snake cube puzzle, then use our instructions and solutions on our website. If you only want the green snake cube of the level box then click on the bag and order one. The instructions can also be downloaded here below.

Have fun trying out the wooden puzzles in 2D and 3D.

Download solution Snake Cube green medium snake cube from the Snake Cube Level Box



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