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TTG-001 Horse Racing Rules of the kids dice game

Horse racing game instructions wooden game for children with fun factor

Game instructions horse racing children dice game also for adults and family

Horse racing dice game, a popular dice game for children. 2 players try to bring the horses to the goal by rolling the dice. But how? On the racetrack the horses can run into the ditch and are lost .....

The horse racing dice game is very easy and therefore very suitable for children, but the whole family also likes to play it. With a playing time of around 15 minutes, you can also inspire small children with this game, initially with the help of adults. Simply counting and recognizing numbers and then wagering the number rolled will bring every child closer to the crowd and math. Game instructions horse racing children dice game also for adults and family

The wood with which the game was handcrafted is made from environmentally friendly plantation wood from the Samena tree (Latin: Pithecellobium Saman). With its beautiful structure and reddish-brown color to black lines, Samena wood is similar to teak or mahogany. Treatment with teak oil gives the wood a honey-colored, warm tone and a matt, silky sheen that does not wear off even after long periods of use.

The dimensions of the game: 23.0 x 10.0 x 3.5 cm
Age recommendation: From 5 years ATTENTION: Due to small parts NOT suitable for children under 3 years!

First each player chooses a color and a lane for the race. Then the pieces are distributed and put into 6 holes in the starting position. Now the game can begin.

Horse racing wooden game with dice for 2 people travel game dice game or children

Game start

The youngest player begins to roll the dice and immediately places the number he has rolled with his first horse on his path towards the goal. The first horse is placed in the hole scored with the number rolled and you hope that it will stay where it is and not fall into the ditch. Because some holes are drilled through and at these points on the track it is possible that you can lose your horse at the first attempt. Then the second player rolls the dice and places the number he rolled with his color on his track and also hopes that he does not run into the ditch with his horse. Then it is the turn of the first player to roll the dice and continue with his horse towards the goal. Then the second player rolls the dice and so on ...

Rules for the game of dice and game situation horse racing for children

Goal of the game horse racing

The goal is to reach the last common field on the racetrack with a horse. Because one of the horses can run into the ditch at any time during the race and you are forced to start again with a new horse, the game is a bit difficult to win. The fact that the horses run into the ditch makes the game very fun and therefore it is also very suitable for children because it does not take that long. Each player is only allowed to have one horse on the track and should it fall into the ditch, he can bring another horse into the race. If a player has lost all 6 horses and none reached the finish, the player who still owns at least one horse has won. The player who first got to the last field of the track with a horse, to do this you have to reach the field directly with his horse, with the number you rolled, wins.

If your instructions or rules that you received with the game have been lost, you can download them again here or print them out as a PDF. If you do not have the game yet and you want to play it with others, you can order it here , click on the bag:I want to buy to the shop to order

TTG-002 Instructions for horse racing for 2 players Dice game, children's game


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