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TTG-007-LR Shut the Box 12 game rules for the flap gamebox

Shut the Box clapboard dice game for children or drinking game with friendsFolding box Shut the Box large flap game up to 12 fun dice game, drinking game

Shut the Box, also known as the folding box, is a dice game with the aim of closing the box. That means to fold the flaps with the numbers up to get the jackpot and to win, if all numbers could be turned over by rolling the dice. Funny group game, drinking game, who is the loser pay the next drink ...

A drinking game or dice game for children Shut the Box flaps

A simple, but very tempting dice game that also promotes mental arithmetic. The number of diced points can be broken down so that you can always fold something up. If the two dice show e.g. a 5 and a 3, you can choose any division of the sum of 8, e.g. 1 + 7, 2 + 6, 3 + 5, 1 + 2 + 5, 1 + 3 + 4 ... and close the flaps with the corresponding numbers, i.e. fold upwards. It is also possible to turn up just one number when the numbers 5 and 3 are rolled. You either choose the 5 or 3 and fold up one of the two numbers.

A game consists of several rounds. Each player has one turn in each round. When it is a player's turn, all flaps are opened first. Then he starts his game with two dice and closes the corresponding flaps. This educational game / dice game not only promotes the basics of mathematics, but also promotes the children's sense of touch, logical thinking and mental arithmetic. Learning to count up to the age of 12 should be a lot of fun for children to learn by playing if they have to assign the number to the number or calculate the total and then choose the appropriate numbers.

Shut the Box 12 flap game Children's arithmetic game with dice and lots of fun Flap game Shut the Box drinking game Jägermeister game


Game principle:

The player rolls both dice and adds up the sums. Now he tries by closing the flaps correctly to open the flaps faster than his teammate. Every player should estimate well which numbers he throws the most in order not to close them all at once. Luck and a little tactics are required here.
Second example: A 3 and a 6 were rolled. Now the player whose turn it is can fold up either the 6 or the 3 or the total 9 with the flaps.

The player can now close the following flaps:
1 and 8,
2 and 7,
3 and 6,
4 and 5 or
1 and 3 and 5,
2 and 3 and 4

Folding box the flap set Shut the Box up to 12 redEach flap can only be operated once! Everyone rolls the dice until they cannot fold up anything, as there is no combination of the dice rolled on the 2 dice, a possibility that can still be folded up. The number fields may be moved according to the total of the dice until no more suitable number is rolled. As soon as the sum of the still open flaps equals six or less, the player continues his move with only one instead of two dice. The total of the remaining number fields is written down for the player as minus points. Whoever counts the lowest number on the piece of paper after, say, 3 or 5 rounds, is the winner. Every round is even more fun when you drink a short drink with friends or in a group that the loser has to spend.


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